The volume of spam being sent today is astounding; In the tens of trillions of emails per year. Junk filters do a good job, but you have to check for legitimate email and the spam is still getting to your network. All it takes is one careless click and your business could be compromised. 

For less than it costs to mail a letter, Our Managed Anti-spam service prevents all unwanted email, spam, and viruses from ever reaching your network. Give your business the continual protection needed to stay on top of this ever-present and evolving threat. 

95 percent of small and midsize businesses have anti-virus software installed, but 75 percent of those still experienced attacks in the past year!

Key Features

Enterprise-Class solution. Encompassing more than just anti-virus, this solution supports full endpoint security and system health monitoring.

Advanced proactive technology. Comprised of intrusion prevention, proactive detection and behavior analysis.

Anti-Spam for Desktops.  Based on recurrent pattern detection, content agnostic technology that detects and blocks spam in any target.

Software Firewall. Allows laptops outside of the network to be fully protected.

Comprehensive Reporting. A wide range of detailed reports are provided monthly to ensure you have visibility of what is happening and that you are constantly protected.

Fully Monitored System. We monitor the software to ensure it is always working and has the latest updates. We will act immediately at the first sign of any issues.

Benefits of a Managed Anti-Virus System

  • Fully managed solution for the same price as your anti-virus software! We include enterprise-class endpoint software monitored by us 24/7 and managed by a team of technical experts who will provide regular reports to ensure all of the devices in your business are protected. 
  • Reduced Operating Costs. One missed virus can affect many machines in your business and can drastically affect operation.    A security incident can reduce or even halt productivity. This can cost the company a great deal of money, as well as frustration, wasted time and decreased morale. 
  • Protect Your Company's Critical Assets and Information.  Proactive technologies provide an additional layer of protection against all types of malware, targeted attacks, and internet threats.
  • A Flexible Security Solution. Our advanced security features offer the appropriate security of any size business and infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive Reporting. Relax knowing that your technology investments are secure and well protected. Our systems provide a variety of comprehensive reports that detail what's happening with the system.
  • Relax and Leave the Work to Us.  Buying an anti-virus solution, installing it, and making sure your staff keep everything updated is a hassle. Our dedicated experts will take care of your servers, PCs, and laptops. You can relax knowing your systems are protected 24/7.

Why Managed Anti-Virus?

Managed Anti-Virus improves your business safety

Comparable in cost to your existing stand-alone anti-virus product, Second Creek's managed anti-virus solution is an unbeatable value. Protect your organization today!